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G&D Consultants Full Service Costa Rica Law Firm

Based In San Jose Costa Rica. We Service Clients From All Over The World. Our Firm Specializes In The Following Areas:


Incorporation In Costa Rica

G&D Consultants can help you form a Costa Rica Company. The two most common Costa Rica corporations are Sociedad Anonima SA, Sociedad de Responibild Limitada SRL. We will advise which type of corporation will best serve your interests here in Costa Rica. The entire process of setting up a company will take less than one week.


Purchase Real Estate In Costa Rica

G & D Consultants have attorneys that specialize in property law. Foreigners have the same property rights as do a Costa Rica Citizen. We will advise you from the contract to closing. This includes homes-condos-land purchase.


Become A Resident Of Costa Rica

G&D Consultants will guide you through the entire residency process in Costa Rica.We will recommend the best options that are available for you to become a resident of Costa Rica. The most common types are Pensionado-Retire, Rentista-Bank Deposit, Inversionionista-Investor, Vincolo-Direct Relationship With A Costa Rica Citzen. Please contact G&D Consultants today so we can recommend the steps to apply for Costa Rica residency.


Labor Law In Costa Rica

If you plan on starting a business in & hire Costa Rica employees you will need to know all the aspects of Costa Rica labor law. Registering your employees with the Social Security System is mandatory in Costa Rica. G&D Consultants have attorneys that specialize in all area's of Costa Rica labor law. Please contact us today to speak with one of our experts in this field.


Offshore Gaming Structure

Costa Rica is the home to over two hundred online gaming operations. Costa Rica does not have a online gaming license. We recommend you obtain a Data Processing License here in Costa Rica. G&D Consultants will guide you through the entire process. A Costa Rica Corporation & bank account will be required to start this process. Our law office also works with experts in the gaming industry that can help with all the infrastructure to set up a successful online company. Please contact us today so we can explain the entire process to obtain a data processing license.


How We Can Help You

For over a decade our firm has been assisting expatriates and foreign investors to establish their presence in Costa Rica in an efficient and organized matter.


Our Attorneys

The Lawyers of G&D Consulting

Juan Ignacio Guzmán

Founder - Partner

Practice Areas

Corporate, Business Law, Labor Law, Dispute Resolution, Compliance, Real Estate, Notarial and Registration Law, Foreign Investment

Education University of Costa Rica
Member of the Costa Rica Bar Association

Cristina Mora Beeche


Practice Areas

Corporate, Labor Law, Dispute Resolution, Compliance, Registration Law, Human Rights, Social Security