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About Us

G&D Asesores Jurídicos is a Law Firm based in Costa Rica and Central America, focused on legal advice in transnational companies, entrepreneurship, start-ups and high-technology companies. We also have vast experience on private equity, angel investors and venture capital on SME´s around Latin American and renewable energy issues in our region.


At G&D Asesores Jurídicos, we enjoy having close relationships with our Clients, most of them located in Costa Rica, and the United States, but also in South America and Europe.


We offer a personalized style to our Clients, where we regularly update the status of processes, cases and projects that we are leading. Each of our Clients are assigned a lawyer director who must answer communications, emails and calls in an ever more within 24 hours, so that the interests of our Clients are always protected in projects that are running.


Our Law Firm

G&D Asesores Jurídicos is a Law Firm of young lawyers, members of recognized professional reputation and strict ethical values. We are aware that our Clients seek legal skills at the highest level, as well as a deep understanding of national and regional economic pulse.


Our goal is to anticipate the needs of our Clients. We are constantly trained and informed of the legal, economic and social trends in the country, and the climate of different industry sectors that develop our Clients.


We are interested in developing strong and high professional relationships with our Clients. This is achieved by creating value using continuous training, direct communication and permanent information to our Clients of legal issues that may affect or benefit their business and projects.


We have extensive knowledge of Central America. We also have close collaborators and correspondents in different countries of Central America to meet the demands of our Clients that transcend borders and require legal support in neighboring countries.


Recently, in our growth process, we have developed a new practice of intellectual property, through which we seek to protect intangible interests of our Clients as trademarks and patents, as well as supporting all compliance issues and regulatory matters necessary for operation and operation.



The main legal areas in which our firm specializes are:

• Corporate Affairs

• Data processing issues / online gambling

• Off shore gaming set up

• Regulatory and Compliance Law

• Dispute resolutions through litigation and arbitration

• Development of local and international contracts

• Judicial recovery

• Data Processing Licensing

• Business Law

• Mergers and acquisitions of local and foreign companies

• Free Trade Zones and Special Incentive Systems

• Public Law

• Intellectual Property (IP)

• Labor Law and organizational restructuring

• Alternative Dispute Resolution

• Notarial Law