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Private Schools in Costa Rica

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Private Schools in Costa Rica

Searching for top quality education at affordable prices and other than US or Europe, Costa Rica is your best location. The Costa Ricans value education and have made it a priority in their country’s development. Educational services is provided by both the public and the private sector, although private-owned schools are a bit more than the government controlled ones.

There are different types of schools in Costa Rica. Some schools offer instructions up to 9th grade, others go higher up to 11th grade and even the Nation Baccalaureate. Usually public schools offer only up to 9th grade for ages 6-14 years which is the minimum level of education one in Costa Rica must receive. Your location will determine the kind of school open to you. Central valley has a wealth of options that gives you easy access to both public and private schools.

The different schools run on different calendars, the public, Catholic and some private schools follow the standard Costa Rica session calendar which starts mid February and ends in November. While the rest follow the US standard session calendar that starts in the middle of August and finishes in June. There are still a few who adopt both calendars simultaneously.

A student spends about 6 years in primary school and 5 or 6 years in secondary, at the end of which a diploma is usually obtained. The diplomas are of three types and offered in variations by each school. There is the Bachillerato Diploma, the International Baccalaureate and the United States Diploma. Whichever school you eventually opt for, please investigate the school and its accreditation.

The list of of schools in Costa Rica is a long one, but we’ve picked a select few.

Heredia: American International School Pre-K – 12

Located in Cariari, Heredia and runs on the US curriculum. Instructions are delivered in English with students and teachers grouped in a 12:1 ratio. The National Baccalaureate and the United States Diploma are the two diplomas offered at AIS.

Contact information:

Telephone +506-2293-2567

Fax +506-2293-0964

General Info: ais@aiscr.com

Principal: Neli Santiago

Email:   neli@aiscr.com

website: www.aiscr.com


Escazu: Blue Valley School Pre-K – 12

There is an option of which curriculum to follow as Blue Valley adopts both the Costa Rica and US curriculum. Classes are taught in English. The IB (International Baccalaureate) and the MEP (National Baccalaureate) are the two diplomas BVS offers.

Contact Information:

Telephone 506-2215-2203 Primary-Susana Cisneros

Fax 506-2215-2205 Secondary-Ana Cristina Marti

bvschool@racsa.co.cr website: www.bluevalley.ed.cr


Rohrmoser: Humboldt School Pre-K – 12

Classes are taught in three languages: German, English and Spanish. The German Baccalaureate (Abitur) and the National Baccalaureate are the diplomas offered by HS.

Telephone 506-2232-1455

Fax 506-2232-0093

website http://www.humboldt.ed.cr/


San Jose/ Heredia: Lincoln School Pre-K – 12

Lincoln is the largest private school in all of Costa Rica. Classes are taught in English and they follow the US calendar. All three diplomas earlier mentioned are offered by Lincoln.

Contact Information:

Telephone 506-2247-6600

Fax 506-2247-6700

Apdo. 1919-1000 San José Costa Rica

Director-Jack Bimrose

High School Principal – Charles Prince

Email: director@lincoln.ed.cr website: www.lincoln.ed.cr

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